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Asus z68: boots into american megatrend bio screen

New build
z68 pro/gen3, corsair ssd, windows 7 64 bit, I52500K.

Had double boot and did all the forum recommended stuff and fixed it, BUT, it still boots into megatrends bio screen first. From there i have to "discard changes and exit" then it goes to windows and boots normally. i want to bypass bios and go directly to windows and boot like everyone else! please help i have researched this without finding solution...Thx
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  1. U need to save the boot drive.
  2. nikorr said:
    U need to save the boot drive.

    Man i hope i did not do that. Since it boots otherwise i assumed i did lol. will try thx
  3. dootinbob said:
    Man i hope i did not do that. Since it boots otherwise i assumed i did lol. will try thx

    If u just click on the device and select the device it go to the boot, but it is not saved yet.
  4. I hope it is an easy fix : )
  5. just entered, selected and save changes with no change
  6. it is listed in bios as number 1. i even removed asus dvd from order, but still no luck
  7. BTW, what bios do u use?
  8. bios 0402x64 revision 11-16-2011
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    This fan/s spins at 1200 plus rpm all the time, since its power pin plug is different than the motherboard controlled pin, so you hook it up to the chassis pin which is not controlled, thus the constant rpm of 1200 or so. The problem is that the mother board has two settings which can create a error, causing a problem i had that will not allow booting to windows after post. The mother board detects that the fan/s are spinning in excess of its prescribed 600 rpm minimum and lists it interally as a fault or error. There is another MB feature in booting advanced which if it detects an error it will stall the booting to windows and mandate you hit F1 to proceed to bios. This forces you to deal with the error or fault, which is good. Sooo, in the monitor section of bios "Disable" Chassis Q-Fan control and more important "Ignore" CPU Fan Speed Low Limit. This will permit Bios to allow the Noctura D14 to spin at its regular 1200 rpm without creating an internal error, which will allow booting to windows as normal. Sorry for the rant, but this problem was haunting me for a few days without a solution and hopefully will save some time for the next noob like me.
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  11. Cool. You solved it : )
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