CD Drive not being recognised

THIS IS A REPLACEMENT THREAD FOR THE ONE HEADED "CPU NOT BEING RECOGNISED" - The heading was wrong, it's the CD drive which isn't being recognised


I have just upgraded the RAM of a Acer Aspire L3600 computer, running Windows Vista to 2GB as the performance wasn't good enough.

My problem is that the lead from the board to the CD drive has come away and I cannot see how to connect it again (the clip to the board is fine - it's the connection on the drive itself I'm referring to). I can connect it but it won't stay in place - even when connected drive operates but Windows cannot see it. There appears to be an area of metal "heads" on both leads and the connector, and a small slot into which the lead goes, but nothing I can see to hold it there.

I've done many upgrades on desktop and laptop computers, but never seen this type of cable connection on this "mini desktop PC".

I do hope you can help me, because I want to avoid having to take it to the shop for attention, especially when it is now running so well, albeit without my built in CD drive.

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  1. I can't seem to understand what you're talking about. Can you post pictures?

    Well, worst case scenario, you can get a external USB CD/DVD drive.
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