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I have a WIN2K desktop computer hosting 2 printers via USB, and connected to a home network router through ethernet cable. My XP laptop, communicating with the network via wireless to the same router, is able to utilize one of the printers (HP 5550), but not the other (Dell 922). Thoughts? Suggestions?

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  1. How are you installing the printers? Are you using the little add printer wizard or going through my network places?
    I always install printers via my network places or simply doing \\(computername)\ in run and doubleclicking on the printer.

    If it is installed have you tried sending a windows test print?

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  2. Yes, I have also been using the Add Printer option in the View Printers window, and selecting the Dell. It tries to connect for a long time (~5 min hourglass), and then finally puts up a window claiming completion. But then a test print fails. The HP works just fine when set up the same way.

    I alo tried disconnecting the HP first, and following the same procedure. No better result.

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  3. Maybe the 2k driver and the XP driver are different enough to screw it up. Will it let you choose different drivers during the wizard? Or can you choose the shared printer when installing the drivers on the xp laptop?
    Usually 2k and xp drivers are about the same, that might not be the case here.

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  4. "Maybe the 2k driver and the XP driver are different enough to screw it up." -- mabye. i used the same driver disc for both, but that doesnt mean it pulled the same driver off the disc. ill look into this.

    "Will it let you choose different drivers during the wizard?" --no, but mabye afterward i can switch. mabye try a generic driver too.

    "Or can you choose the shared printer when installing the drivers on the xp laptop?" --no comprende. i choose the printer in the beginning of the process from the list of available networked devices.

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  5. Some HPs I've installed had a part of the installer that asked for a port or network location. I've never installed a dell before so I don't know what options are avalible in it's installer.

    I just remembered there is a place in the printers properties to add aditional drivers for computers connecting to it choose from. Maybe adding a different driver there would work.

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  6. I think you are onto something with that port thing. My associate was checking it out today and noticed differences in the port assignments. The functional device was using a remote shred usb port. The faulty device was trying to use a local (on laptop) usb port, and offering to share it. nPresumably this was caused by my diagnostic effort, where I plugged in the printer directly. We uninstalled everything and started over. After getting the ports straight, it still did not work. So we began cleaning deeper, including registry references. Still no go.

    One of my future goals is to dual boot this laptop with linux. I;m gonna have to whack the hard drive, repartition, and reinstall windows then anyway. Mabye I can get it right the second time.

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