Is my CPU my bottleneck?

Hi all,
I built this PC last summer on what was supposed to be a budget but it got a bit out of hand after a while, and I'm not surprised by that at all. I started out with a reasonably cheap Mobo and an OK CPU, Frankensteining it together with various parts/the PC I was replacing. One thing led to another and well... I'm sure you've all done it before.

I have no major complaints, but every once in a while I tend to get some lag playing a game and I don't think I should be. I'm trying to figure out what the bottleneck is. Windows rates everything a 7.9 but the CPU and Ram at a 7.5, but I've browsed these forums enough to know that you guys are a lot better than Windows.

MSI 870A-G54 - Don't buy it, two friends had it DoA
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T ~ 3.3GHz - Stock is 2.8
8GB DDR3 1333
120GB Revo Drive - OS + Frequent Programs + Primary Game or two
2x 300GB 10k RPM Raid 0 - All other games + Programs
1TB 7200 WD - Data
AMD HD6970 2GB - This is one of the best sub $500 cards I could find
Master HAF Full-Tower - Love this case
Water Cooling for CPU - Stock fan was wayyy too loud, and would allow over-clocking
24" Asus

If you were to take what I had here and make it better, where would you start?
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  1. I've been bouncing around games a lot lately, but my two primary games right now are Rift a couple raids a week and Shogun 2.

    The only time I get lag in Rift is a few fights where there are a ton of spell effects, but I turned them down all the way. Shogun 2 it is only when I have like 8k+ units on screen, which makes me think that Rift doesn't like my graphics drivers and Shogun 2 is a CPU hog at that scale.\

    I play all my games at 1900x1080 if possible.
  2. I've OC'd this one to 3.3 from 2.8, and I thought I was following a guide correctly to push it up to 4ghz, but I couldn't get it stable; it kept rebooting. I got the water cooling for the CPU with the intent to eventually OC.
  3. Yes sir. That stock fan sounded like a jet engine!

    I appreciate the help btw
  4. Jumping in this thread on my phone, and will be in BIOS!
  5. Yeah, signing in on my phone isn't working. I click on the username and it disappears :(

    Anyways, I see plenty of CPU options buy only a few for ram. The only thing I can change is FSB/DRAM Ratio. If I change that it changes the Adjusted DRAM frequency to one of four options.
  6. I couldn't get it to boot that way. In the past, if the OC would fail it would try to boot up 3 times and then revert back to previous settings, each attempt lasting 30 seconds or so. This time, it hung for a few minutes (no monitor) before rebooting. I was able to go back into the BIOS and revert to a saved OC profile. I'm going to dive back in.
  7. Wow, that is an incredibly useful link. Thanks a ton
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