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wanting to know what is a better choice i5-2500k sandy bridge vs amd x6 1100t for a gaming rig with and sli/crossfire setup!

your help is much needed!
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  1. i5 2500K is the hands down winner... Your other option is to wait for the release of the Bulldozer, which should compete and beat the i5 2500K in performance :D
  2. also would be running on a 990fx mobo which is supposed to according to asus improve x6 cpu's, because of the new technology built into those boards.
    would that change the which is the better two or is it still the i5, also waiting for a bulldozer is an option too.

    This is for a build ty
  3. i would like to some evidence i started this thread to get some answere a simple it is better is more shallow answer than im looking for that is an opinion not a factual anser!
  4. i should also prove read before i post lol, sorry about the grammar!
  5. Even in threaded apps the 2500k is faster. If you're buying now and can afford it, get the 2500.
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