PLEASE! answer this eyefinity question

ok i'm getting 2 6970s and i have 3 monitors, each monitor has a displayport, hdmi, and dvi port, and i only have dvi and hdmi cables so can i have eyefinity with 2 DVIs and one HDMI or do i have to have a display port connection

all of the monitors are the same model

also, im getting a third 6970 later this year so would it be more logical to give each monitor its own GPU
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    Using DisplayPort is mandatory for Eyefinity.
  2. ugg.. really..

    so i have to use 1 displayport and 2 DVI
  3. or 2 DisplayPort and 1 DVI
  4. displayport cords are way more expensive so i would rather go with DVI
  5. i have already ordered 2 off amazon, they had to be minidisplayport to displayport, male male
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