Will a x8 pcie slot bottleneck a hd6850 gpu

Thinking of going for a crossfire with 2 6850 but my mb will only do x8/x8 or one at x16 so i was wondering if a x8 slot would bottleneck those cards if i went that route? thank u for ur help
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  1. No they will be fine. x8 only bottlenecks the highest end dual GPU cards.
  2. Maybe 1-2% nothing you will notice
  3. ^+1 i wouldn't worry about it, you might get 61 fps in a scenario where you would have gotten say 63 fps in a 16x, so imo its not a noticeable difference also you will have so much performance from the crossfire that you will def not notice missing a couple frames

    I have a micro atx msi mobo in my rig with a 6870, it is x fire capable, but the next pcie slot (since its a micro) is right next to the first slot, which makes the cards almost touch when installed next to each other. when running x fire (even though it is pretty much a current gen motherboard) it runs a 8X8... just some info but personally I have no worries of significant lost performance and I can't wait to add either another 6870 or maybe just another 6850 will do the trick... after that I should easily be able to be out the gtx 580 :) :)
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