Dell Insipiron 1520 forced underclock? How to speed it up?

My 2.0 GHz intel Inspiron 1520 is being forced to 1.5 GHz because of some ridiculous problem where my Dell power adapter isnt recognized, and thus the battery won't be charged and the CPU is underclocked. (whenever I start the computer, it has a screen says “Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined" and tells me my system will not run with best possible performance). From the bios i can see it is set too 1.5 GHz, but it says these fields are not changeable.

What I'm looking for is some sort of software fix to push this back up to 2.0 GHz, this happened at the worst possible time for me, I have a power-intense project due in a few days, and currently I can't do anything. I don't have time to care that my battery will no longer charge, It's very urgent so any help would be greatly appreciated!

As a side note I can't believe Dell would do something like this proprietary extortion that doesn't even work (i'm using the proper AC adapter!)
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  1. hmmmmm. you can put off your battery and after ten sconds plug it in the motherboard, i think bios will be the problem
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