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Can someone help me understand this race? I find it very confusing
regarding some of their ships:

The Emissary Scout has a Reticulian Light Beam BUT it can only be used
if the ship has an empty pod. The Scout has no pods! So how can one use
the RLB?

Same for the Propaganda Luxery Cruiser...an RLB but no pods.

Then there is the Sacrifice Improved...it has a Gravitonic Accelerator
but no engines???

I'm sure there is a logical explanation. Could someone please share
their knowledge of the Peoples Army and what is a good way to play

Thanks for any attention
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    scapegoat - space goat *lol*
    I like that.
    Nothing more to add. Another perfect description from Ralph. Never
    expected anything else ; )

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    The only use of the grav acc in the sacrifice imporoved is to give it
    to an scav?
    Well, there are many things regarding the peeps that make *no* sense...

    Just a question: Does anyone know the race creator? Is there any chance
    the peeps will get revamped? I just think of the dracs that seem to get
    some new thoughts....

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    Soem adds:

    The Prisoner Pods are free floating, it have changed and works.

    More strong points:
    The Typ 1 GU, which each akt as a Mine + Smelter, so that you have no
    problems to get the minerals you create with the Amper. And they do a
    little for the Ground defence too.

    More weak points:
    No good carrier IMHO
    Most ships have a low number (or zero) PDs, or are low in the Ord holds.
    Many helpfull ships need much minerals like the Claymore.

    Bye-Bye JoSch.
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    "Well, thats all from the top of my head, so anybody feels free to
    as if anyone here would need that invitation :) "

    Thanks! Excellent information. I appreciate it!

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    Build your propagandas en masse w/o parts. even low tech engines...1 over a
    planet with fewer than 1 mil.col. will generate 60 mc. 10 will generate
    600. This is contary to the docs. Use the atonomy to clone your troops at
    first, then HG later. It also has agro dome, and alchemy. This will be key
    because all your good ships take alot of metals. That little carrier is
    nice too, it cloaks and has 6 pod bays. You also have two ships with Hyp.,
    and 110 or 120 mormal speed.
    Concentrate your efforts at getting the claymores as quickly as possible.
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