Amd X2 4800 overheating on stock settings

I realized recently that my pc shuts down after some use, I touched the heats-sink right after it shut off and it was literally burning hot. I installed speed fan and here are the temps
temp 1: 95
Temp 2: 39
Temp 3: 25
Hd o: 34
Temp 1:40

what is temp 1?
Is that the cpu 95 degrees is too hot isnt it?
I checked the voltages on cpu z and core voltage fluctuates from 1.13 to 1.296
Should I invest in a new fan? I want to keep this computer for a while its pretty fast.
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    Is the fan on the heat sink turning?

    Most X2=4800s are probably at least a few years old, perhaps the sink's thermal compound could use a cleaning/reapplication, as frequently it solidifies/burns off over a couple years....
  2. Replace the heatsink with an inexpensive 3rd party cooler that will out perform whatever you have now and clean off the existing thermal paste. Should cost you no more than £15.
  3. if the heatsink is hot, then maybe it is clogged with dust and/or fan is not working.
  4. check the matress tag, if its over 8 its time to replace. lol just kidding.

    i think its time to replace the thermal compound/grease/paste cuz most of them dry off after several years like that guy said. or make sure that its not clogged with dust and dirt, cuz dirt is a heat and static magnet.

    may i recommend this cooler, its a rosewill for 15 dollars
  5. Okay I just purchased cooler master thermal paste for 5 bucks at frys. So I take the old stuff off and apply the new paste onto the middle and put the heatsink on evenly so it spreads? Ill let you guys know how it goes
  6. I just put the cooler Master thermal paste onto the stock heatsink and it seems to have worked. Temp1 was at 29 degrees at startup, after some usage it is at 35 degrees C.
    You guys were right about the thermal paste being dried up there was just stains left on the cpu and heatsink.
  7. awesome, glad to know that we helped. just make sure to change the paste every year or two....i think.
  8. Well, 29 C at idle is so low, lowest ive seen is 36C on my other computers.
    I'm just going to get the cpu alone, and buy my own cooler with paste on the rest of my computers.
    This stuff is truly awesome for $5
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