Quad screen set up in windows 7 x64

Dear all,

In the past I have been very happy with the following quad monitor set up:

Foxxcon A7GM-S 780G chipset with HD 3200 graphics
HD 4830
Phenom II X2
windows 7 x64 build 7600, legal

1x HDMI via motherboard
1x VGA via motherboard
1x DVI via HD 4830
1x DVI-to-VGA via HD 4830.

Recently I changed the videocard from the HD 4830 to a HD 6850.

I cannot connect 4 monitors anymore. The device manager is giving me a CODE 43 error on the HD3200 when I have all screens connected like i used to (2x IGP, 2x GPU). The two monitors attached to the graphics card work when I boot. When I unplug the external power supply to the GPU (so this shuts off the GPU), then the 2 monitors that are attached to the motherboard work. Both ways they work with installed drivers; ie the resolutions are native and there is 3d acceleration. Of course, the IGP delivers a little less FPS then the GPU.

In bios surround view is enabled, IGP is enabled, memory is set to auto.

If I disable IGP or surround view in bios, then the HD 3200 no longer shows up the device manager. My gut feeling is that there is some problem with x64, though it was supposed to be easier in windows 7 to have multiple display drivers.. I've also thought about it being a DX11 vs DX10 problem, though i haven't been able to install just DX10 drivers (the HD 3200 is a DX10 core). I have tried first uninstalling all graphic drivers, then letting windows auto install first the HD 3200 or first the HD 6850, but nothing worked.

Can anyone help me?

kind regards
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  1. Oh, and I know i can use the ``display port'' to add another 3 screens, but the 3-way connectors are extremely expensive.

    Using the display port and chain linking two screens would be a solution as well, but I dont have display port screens.

    Basically, I NEED surround view to work. Adding a PCIe x1 card is not really an option, the slot is broken. I have a PCI slot left, but plainly I dont really want to spend MORE money when Surround view plainly should work.
  2. bump.
  3. when you boot with surroundview enabled and monitors plugged into the 6850, what does CCC say in the information page?

    Does it show both adapters?

    I'm wondering whether Surroundview is picky with compatibility ie a 3 series igp was okay with a 4 series discrete gpu, but the 3 series igp doesn't play nice with a 6 series gpu
  4. The CCC does not recognize the HD 3200. Sort of makes sense since its giving an error in device manager.

    BTW it gave me some trouble with the HD4850 as well, but eventually I got it to work by uninstalling ccc and all graphics drivers, and windows eventually automatically installed all the right drivers.

    It would seem that the hd 3200 and hd 6850 do not play nice.
  5. Try this, I'm not a technical person so don't know why but it seemed to work for me, hope it helps.

    The first time I set up, I could only get 2 screen to work. I removed the crossfire strip and all 4 worked. Then put it back on and still all 4 worked.

    Recently I installed a G card update and it went back to 2 screens. I removed the crossfire, and got it working on 4 screens, then put it back on and all 4 worked.
  6. I'm guessing that your previous card allowed you to do hybrid CrossFire between the 3200 and the 4830. The 6850 is much newer than the 3200, so chances are the hybrid setup doesn't work any more.
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