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I have got Sky Internet with a netgear router, and now have 3 laptops, 3 iphones, playstation 3 and Wi all trying to connect. Many times I get liminted or no connectivity error messages on the laptops, so was wondering if there is an IP conflict or whether I need to set up a home network? I am not technically minded so may need assistance. I also have McAfee Security installed on 2 of the laptops which also may be a factor?
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  1. Just to clarify, they do not all connect at the same time, but would like them all to work whenever any of these are turned on. I have particular problem with 1 of the pc's and the playstation.
  2. You may have ip address conflict in your network.

    Try to set fixed ip address to each of your computers/games stations.

    In order to help, on your computer click on start then enter this command: cmd , When the black box appear, just enter this command: ipconfig /all then hit enter key it will show your network information. Write down these
    following informations:

    Ip address:
    Subnet mask:
    DNS (1&2):


    Subnet mask, gateway and DNS have to be same for all your computers
    and game stations. For the ip address only change the last 3 digits,
    for example if your ip address is : on other peripherals change
    to then for the other one and so on.......

    About your iPhones you can let them on DHCP if no problems occurs.

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