New build. Will my PSU be enough?

Mother board:



Hard Drive:

Disk Drive:



Wireless adapter:

Above are the specs for a new gaming PC that I have already ordered, but I'm afraid that my PSU will not cut it. I have since been reading through more reviews on the Geforce 560Ti and have seen that most testers have used a 1200Watt PSU. I did use the Antec PSU calculator and it gave me a total RMS value (Which I did not see that it was RMS when I ordered) of: 579 Watts. I am wondering if I should continue with this build or return the power supply for something with a little more umph? Thanks for the help. looking forward to being schooled as this is my first new build.
I forgot to add that the above graphics card will be x2 in sli.
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  1. For gaming there is not much benefit going from the i5-2500K to i7-2600K as most games do not benefit from hyperthreading, so unless you do other things which are more processor intensive then save yourself the money.

    Again, 4GB is plenty of a gaming build, so unless you do other things besides gaming which need lots of RAM you can save money if you want.

    The Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB is just as fast, if not faster than the WD 1TB FAEX, and is usually cheaper, quieter and cooler.

    As for your question about power supply, 650W is plenty for a system with two GTX 560 Tis, even with overclocking. You would have to be doing things really stressful with your PC for hours and hours a day for most days of the week to be thinking about a 750W unit. Gaming doesn't count IMO, things like stress testing (both CPU & GPU) and/or folding.
    Review sites use massive power supplies because they have to account for the real power monsters like GTX 580/480/470, etc/

    Do you mind in future posting more descriptive links, as people are more likely to help if they can just look at this page and know what you are thinking about rather than tediously copying each individual link and then pasting it into a new tab, waiting for each page to load.
  2. I'm sorry about not being more descriptive. I'm kind of new to this. I will definitely be more so in the future. Thank you for your help. I also do a lot of video encoding so that is why I went with the i7 2600k and 8 gigs of RAM. I'm not going to overclock at first, but I might give if a try in the future after i do little more research on the subject. So that was the reason for the i7 26ook.
  3. Fair enough.

    The NZXT Hale90 is definitely a good choice as well.
  4. Too many people under estimate the importance of a strong, quality power supply. Choose one from Corsair, Antec TP, or Seasonic...
    650watts will work for any single GPU system.
    850Watts will work for all but the highest end dual GPU systems.

    But, if you don't OC, and don't play hard core games on max settings you can get by with a 650watt.... as Silvune indicates.....

    There is something called Capacitor aging, which make your power supply a bit weaker over time, so a 650watt might no work for this setup after 3 or 4 years.....
  5. I'm not underestimating the importance of the power supply.

    Too many people overestimate power consumption, GTX 560 Tis don't use up much energy, less than 200 watts (170 IIRC). Let's say that it is exactly 200W, the extra 30W each will cover some GPU & CPU overclocking, then if you add a 100W processor to that it comes out at 500W. A good 650W PSU isn't going to worry about delivering 500W. Also a computer is not going to be drawing 500W on a regular basis, if ever, so 650W is plenty for such a system.

    The NZXT Hale90 is made by Superflower who have been making good power supplies lately, especially their Gold and Platinum units (Golden Green and Golden King). If you don't trust NZXT or Superflower then you need to do some research.

    Obviously if someone doesn't want to limit themselves in terms of upgrading to two GPUs with TDPs above 200W then they should go higher than 650W.
  6. i have the i5 2500k and it's a beast! :) Along with the MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboard.
    samsung f3 1tb hard drive is pretty fast also.. also getting a good quality power supply is very important. i got the corsair 850hx modular power supply and it works really good. my 4 gigs or corsair 1600mhz vengenance ram seems to be more then enough for the current games i play, BC2, Metro 2033, Shogun 2, black ops etc.
    Even my GTX 295 can handle all the games at high settings so far, only down side it's not dx11 which isn't that big of a deal to me.
  7. I recommend a power supply with 750-1000w depending on brand, efficiency, etc.
  8. Thank you guys for all of your responses. I will be changing out the hard drive ( Apparently I ordered a recertified model on accident). So that has already made it's way back to newegg. I think I'll be fine with the PSU I've chosen since I'm probably not going to be overclocking any of my hardware. If I do it will be very mild because I simply do not know enough about it as of yet. All I do is play WoW, some video encoding and the occasional FPS. I do happen to own both the PS3 and the xbox 360 so most of my FPS experience will be from those two. I really would like to play crysis though and I'm hoping that this system will be able to provide me with a good gaming experience on my 27" asus monitor. I'll probably only be playing at 1920 X 1080 and from what I've seen two of these cards should be able to handle pretty much every game at max detail at these settings. I was really afraid that the PSU wouldn't be enough but after some more research and your posts I think I'm convinced that it will be enough for my usage. I also believe that any thing higher would just be wasting electricity. Again, Thanks guys!
  9. twstd1 said:
    I'm probably not going to be overclocking any of my hardware.

    Any special reason for choosing the 'k' model of the processor then?
  10. No reason to pay extra for the 'k' model if your Not going to overclock the CPU......
  11. Well, the key word was: probably. If down the road I decide to I can. My motherboard does happen to have a button on it that finds the best overclock for me, so i guess i could just push it and turn it on and let it do it for me until I know enough about it to do it myself. the main reason for the 2600K was that If I want to I can, but if by the time i do all the research on it I don't feel that my gains would be all that great then I don't have to. Oh, and by the way i finally got this beast built and so far it runs everything I throw at it perfectly at 1920 X 1080 max everything with full AA and full AF. I'm absolutely speechless at just how powerful this thing is. it boots in just about 1 minute flat (if that) and everything is just there as soon as you click it. simply awesome....
  12. Glad to hear it went well.
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