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I was restoring one of my old PC's last night and had it running really good. Even had it running WoW pretty well on "Good" settings with clip plane turned down.(40 FPS) Then the monitor went black a few times. I saw that CCC reported the video driver quit responding and CCC was able to restore it.

I suppose my question is, was this a CCC issue or hardware. I was playing WoW for about 10 minutes when this occured. Specs are as follows:

Athlon XP 2.1 Ghz CPU
1gig of PC2700 RAM
80Gig HD (80% free)
300 Watt PSU
Radeon HD2600 Pro 512Meg DDR2 (AGP bus)
2 case fans+GPU onboard fan
Windows XP 32bit

Runs good up until the screen flashes. Should I just disable CCC and retest? Thanks.
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  1. Do you have the latest CCC from amd's website? You'll have the legacy version of course.
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    Well ati drivers over the past year or so have been terrible. You can roll back your drivers if you like but you need to make sure that is wasn't hardware related such as overheating ect.
  3. i had the same issue, my monitor reported a "DVI No Signal" in graphic intensive instances while i was gaming. turned out the issue was my power supply and hard drive, except my PSU blew out my HDD during a stress test, but they were very weak components. careful from here on in, and proceed're treading on thin ice
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