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Ive had restart problem for a while now, ive memtested my ram, tested fine. replaced the power supply. no temp issues. recently i had my computer running and was checking for loose wires and i pressed on the ram and the computer restarted. now any time i have ram in that slot i can press on it and make the computer restart. does this mean i need a new mother board?
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  1. You pressed on the ram when the computer was on?? That's not good...

    If your computer works fine without you touching the ram then everything should be working normally.
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    It likely means you physically damaged the ram slot either through pressing to hard (likely) or electrostatic discharge (unlikely). If you need to absolutely count on the ram slot, replace it. Otherwise you CAN limp it along and just leave it alone. Though if the voltage to the slot became irregular, it can damage the ram over time. Incidentally, it may also cause browning to other components and the rest of the system. This over time can cause a cascade failure of any and all parts. Been there. Not pretty. Bad voltage regulation is no joke.

    Short version. If you have doubts, replace the MB.
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