Will This Awesome Build Work?

I've heard some stories about 1155 not supporting SLI and frankly there is just so much junk out there I have no idea if the information I'm reading is accurate or not. I'm not too clued up about this, but here is my proposed build. Hopefully somebody can confirm it looks ok?

Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 Deluxe
CPU: i7-2600k
RAM: Mushkin 2GB X4 1600mhz
PSU: Corsair 750W

My 3 questions:

1) will SLI work on this setup?
2) will my setup support 1600mhz, 4 sticks of 2GB ram?
3) will my psu power all this stuff?

Appreciate any direction! Thanks.
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  1. 1. Yes

    2. Yes, but I'd only do 4 x 2GB if your chasing CAS 6 memory.....but newegg's been having a real hard tome keeping these in stock:


    Make sure you only use low profile memory like these or you will likely have interference issues with your CPU cooler. Ya might wanna consider these CAS 7's as an alternate:


    3. Yes, it will work but I'd get a 850 watter for twin 470's especially if you gonna over clock.

    Best options are:

    -Antec CP-850 ($110) but that will require a Antec DF-85, 1200, P193 or P183 case.


    It is completely unmatched by any ATX unit on the market I can think of. You'd have to spend twice as much as this thing costs to find the next best thing, performance wise


    -XFX Black Edition 850 ($150) in any other case


    Ouch, no more MIR .... been as low as $110 of late


    -Corsair HX850 ($150 after $15 MIR) / AX850 ($180 after $10 MIR)


    In the 2nd tier, I'd look at the XFX Core Edition, Antec "TP New" and Corsair TX series.
  2. 1 - Yes
    2- Yes
    3 - Probably, but it would be really close. Those 470s are pretty power hungry, I'd probably shoot for a 1000W PSU just to be safe.
  3. Thanks for the replies!

    Could you explain what you mean by 4 x2GB..I take it you don't mean what I said (4 times 2GB ram sticks)?

    If 4, then I should note I need 8 at least as I'll be running multiple virtual machines and other ram intensive software. What would you advise at that? Do the cas 6 have issues at 8GB?

    Couple more details:

    case: Antec 900
    CPU cooler: silver arrow

    Would that affect your advice? What would be best PSU for that case around the 850 mark? and do you think the ram I suggested would fit?

    Thanks for the help. I've been checking out the links and considering other options.

    My only other concern now would be budget. I'm in the UK and so most of these components cost a little more. Are there any other cuts I could possibly make based on my setup without sacrificing much performance hit?

    Note: I already have one gtx 470 so can't go back on that.

    Thanks again!
  4. Found the radioactive ones in the UK and in stock!


    What did you mean by 4 if I'm chasing as 6? What if I were trying to achieve 8gb ram+

    Any advice there?

  5. Any other advice? I read that the HX750 can handled 850w no problem. I've had it for a year or so now running 9600gt and a q6600.
  6. DrKalashnikov said:
    Any other advice? I read that the HX750 can handled 850w no problem. I've had it for a year or so now running 9600gt and a q6600.

    Err, I think it defies physics for a 750w psu to produce 850 watts :p I'd be surprised if the 9600 and q6600 pulled 300w total
  7. That's what I'm saying..so much trash on the internet. That's what I've read and that is exactly the reason I'm here..but nobody is bothering to comment :(

    I used this to calculate psu requirements and the most I can get it to is 780 so I think I'm ok :)

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