Blasting bases from space

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I noticed even using blaster cannons tha thave a +3000 blast agaist a
base with under 1000 people and few if any structures, that it still
takes a while, even several turns.

How is this calculated? Does popultion, or number of structures even
come into play? I even even sim'ed a few deth specs with blasters
agaist a base of 10, and it still took a beating that could have taken
out a gorby (granted one with out weapons)
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    Use 500mm guns instead. The firing rate is faster. Blast bonus is 1000.
    Most all weapons work if there is no base shield but the 500's are best.
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    This could be due to the latest host changes in the combat code. Have
    you had a look at the duration of the fight?
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