Hack my Pc 101

Ok, This is a thread open to anyone who takes drills, anglegrinders, dremels and hacksaws to their Rig,
Pro casemodders are welcome but please appreciate that most people do their modding on a kitchen table with whatever tools are handy :P

Couple of rules though,
Keep pictures at a reasonable size, you can always add links to photobucket or build logs though
Be willing to advise others as to how you got your mod to happen, its about sharing the cause after all :)

Right then, I'll set things off with a couple of mine for you

The infamous Sword and axe mod

The 'Two fans WILL fit' mod on my Gf's rig

Power supply hiding cables mod (finishing isn't too good but principle works :P)

and of course theres my latest project, a watercooled Inwin Dragonrider in which I want less than 12 inches of cable in view (including the hoses :P)

Although you really should check the build logs for more details, especially the Rider :)
first build
Gf's Rig
and the Psycho Rider build (under construction)

So, what have you guys got for me?
I want hacksaws, duct tape, anglegrinders get you extra points in my book,
Lets see what you've got Toms Modders.......
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  1. Heres the wifes

    A diagram and description of work done will shortly follow.
  2. HERE you go.

  3. Nice and tidy there man, and I'm loving that 'monitor' too :P
    I want 12 for my eyefinity setup, plzz gief generously /doffs cap
  4. Surreptitious bump to add link for old but damn good example of the art
  5. Well I don't own a camera, but when I buy one I'll be sure to add to this thread. Hopefully I'll get one as I'll build the next rig for a customer.
  6. No camera phone man?
    I look forward to seeing more of your work and maybe we can get some new blood into the old school modding scene :)
  7. I refuse to own a cellular phone, and any devices that could distract me from what's at hand. I wish not to miss anything.
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