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I checked dxDiag and it says the (temporary) graphics card I have installed Geforce 8600 GT has 2027 MB of memory as it in fact only has 256.
Is this OK or should I quickly turn of the PC?

I have a windows 7 64 bit system with DX 11 installed.

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  1. In windows 7 the system will also set aside some of the system RAM for the video card to use if the system is not using it so what you are seeing is normal --- look closer and you will see it says Display memory xxx, Dedicated Memory xxx, Shared Memory xxx -- the dedicated memory is how much your video card actually has the shared is the amount of system memor that the video system can use from the system if needed and the Display memory is the total of the 2 and shows the maximum that the video system can use if needed and the rest of the system is not using it.
  2. Yes, I suspected that too. Just had to make sure. Burnt out my graphics card a couple of days ago so I'm a bit on the edge... :kaola:
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