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Hello All
Just had a new motherboard installed a Biostar N68S+ In my HP computer that my factory MB went
bad A discussion I had under harddrives so not to repeat that again. Long story short this thing is
Very loud and runs all the time My old one would powder down went it went to sleep . and not
real loud when active. Question Is there different fans which may not be so loud are I can set
to powder down when It goes to sleep . I Have a AMD CPU Can give more detials if needed
this is just a general question at this point . Not a high end machine just out of a box store.
Here is a link to my MB
Thanks in advance for any help
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  1. An aftermarket cooler with a bigger fan will be quieter, we need to know how big your case is to suggest a suitable model though, as clearance from the cpu to the sidepanel varies
    measure from the top of your old heatsink to the side panel then add the thickness of the heatsink and thats the number we work with for your replacement unit
  2. Ok, you old mother board controled the cooler fan in response to temperature.
    Are you using a new cooler or the same one?
    Did you clean CPU and cooler and use fresh thermal paste for install.

    If yes to above go into bios and enable CPU fan control if possible.
    I do not know the default settings or what control is allowed.
    Obviously your old board controled the cooler fan.
    The motherboard sensor could be "reading" hot, a Bios setting needed, the fan now defective, or the too much paste.
    I vote Bios setting or motherboard problem.

    Remove the side cover, point a house fan at the innards and see if this effects temperature. This test will"prove" or "eliminate" case cooling as a problem. I suppose a case fan could be iunplugged.
  3. Thanks for replys
    As for as which fan the old or new I am Not sure as I had it installed by local shop I Posted that problem under the hard dirve section of this forum date
    6-7-11 called ( Comuter does not recoginze Seagate hard drive ) Which tells the long story of what happen after posting my problem at that time 1St thinking it was hard drive turned out may be motherboard. rather than buying parts and not being real sure of whick problem I may have took it to a local shop . and had them check to make sure which part was bad. turned out to be Motherboard not hard drive as 1st though. will have to check with them monday to see which fan they used. ect. I will look in bios for setting thats a good ideal . In
    doing some homework of my own read the this board may not support a veriable speed fan. still checking it out. this is the spec. of my computer before Mother board was changed out. It is a Mid sized case per HP Web site for my computer

    Height: 38.7 cm (15.23 inches)
    Width: 17.5 cm (6.89 inches)
    Length: 41.4 cm (16.29 inches)

    This is a link to my old motherboard

    In the big pictuer Looks like computer is running Ok just loud
    if I can get it to make less noise that would be great but if not will
    just have to live with it until next computer and shut it down every night
    so it will not keep me awake. will look at all you guys options and see what
    happens. But thanks for feed back either way.
  4. If the shop installed a new mobo,
    I'd hazard that they used the original heatsink, maybe they changed the paste, maybe (most likely) they didn't,
    I'd contact them for confirmation and ask about them cleaning and reseating the heatsink with some fresh thermal paste
  5. Best answer
    No need to live with a loud fan. Even inexpensive heatsinks are better than oem.
    Simplest is to replace heat sink fan with one that can be motherboard controled.

    First though try downloading Speed Fan and CPUZ, these are software applications that monitor temperatures and fan speed, and can control fan speed with some motherboards.
    If you are experiencing high temperatures the shop has screwed up or motherboard sensor is bad.
    Check with motherboard manual, but usually hitting the delete button on first post of screen will enter BIOS.
    Use arrows to go up or down or side ways. PC HEALTH should disply temperature.
    There may also be a SMART FAN controller to enable.

    Shops are notorious for fast and sloppy work (the more quickly done, the more jobs they can charge for). Keep on them, this is NOT acceptable.
  6. wil check the heat in case the room it is in has good AC and room stays cool computer is not in a cabinet or anything in wide open space so unless the shop did do bad install do not think it is running hot and not running any apps , games, photo editing ect. just little internet surfeing spreadsheets. ect.
    I did not know you could download software to control fan have not had this problem in past have build 2 or 3
    compters but still a novice for most part will get another fan and check out some software, and look at mobo spec. This one is real loud have to close door even when useing compter noise is a pain in the ear. I use laptop most of time in different room most of time this is just a backup but still need to kill the noise now that I have
    some things that may help will try them till I hit right combo , fan , software ect. again thanks for all you guys help as I said still somewhat of a novice in the big picture. so all feedback is welcome.
    Have a great day and thanks
  7. Went to mobo site and download Bios PDF file showing Bios settings hare is the Link

    Found a section with these setting choices do you think this is fan setting section I am alway careful while in bios as not to mess anything up am on laptop now will go take a look it looks like auto is the Default so looks like it is turned on. ?? If it give me a temp Range what low temp. and High Temp range should it be set to ? will keep looking and thanks for all the info

    (AMD K8 Cool&Quiet control
    The item allows you select K8 Cool’n’Quiet control.
    The Choices: Auto (default), Disabled.
    The Choices: 00 (default); Min=0000, Max=001B, key in a HEX number.)

    CPU Smart Fan
    This item allows you to control the CPU Fan.
    The Choices: Disabled (default), Auto, 4-pin, 3-pin..
    Smart Fan Calibration
    Choose this item and then the BIOS will auto test and detect the CPU fan
    functions and show CPU fan speed.
    PWM Duty Off<℃>
    If the CPU Temperature is lower than the set value, FAN will turn off.
    The Choices: Min=0,.Max=127, Key in a DEC number.
    PWM Duty Start<℃>
    CPU fan starts to work under smart fan function when arrive this set
    The Choices: Min=0,.Max=127, Key in a DEC number.
    Start PWM Value
    When CPU temperature arrives to the set value, the CPU fan will work
    under Smart Fan Function mode. The range is from 0~127, with an
    interval of 1.
    The Choices: Min=0,.Max=127, Key in a DEC number.
    Smart Fan Slope
    Increasing the value of slope PWM will raise the speed of CPU fan.
    The Choices: Min=1,.Max=127, Key in a DEC number.
    Shutdown Temperature
    This item allows you to set up the CPU shutdown Temperature. This item is
    only effective under Windows 98 ACPI mode.
    The Choices: Disabled (default), 60℃/ 140℉, 65℃/ 149℉, 70℃/ 158℉, 75℃
    / 167℉, 80℃/ 176℉, 85℃/ 185℉, 90℃/ 167℉.
    Show H/W Monitor in POST
    If you computer contains a monitoring system, it will show PC health status
    during POST stage. The item offers several different delay times.
  8. am looking at my Bios now got down to (CPU Smart Fan) changed to Auto
    next choice is (Smart Fan Calibration) (Press Enter) when I do a screen comes up says
    Max Fan Speed 4166 RPM
    Max PWM Value 105
    Min Fan Speed C923 rpm
    Min PWM Value 22

    It move throuhg the Differnet speed on its own and does slow the fan down
    to 2 or 3 slower speeds and a whole lot quiter but after is runs through the process
    the fan go back to High speed in this window it dose not seem to let you adjust anything
    at the end it give (Suggest Value) in this case (Start PWM Value 38) (Slope PWM 13)
    Press any Key to save
    Saved the Value per what it said once out of that screen fan returns to high speed
    computer has been on but not used so not sure if running warm causeing fan to run
    high or not getting setting to save.

    Just restarted computer fan speed has dropped off to much slower speed and way less
    noise . setting must have not started until windows reloaded. ]I guess it will adjust itself
    as needed per heat sensor? And by running at the lower speed should be OK heat wise?
    will watch and listen. I think this may have fixed it will see. What temps would be in the
    high range to watch for ? I guess there is not a low temp. range cooler ther better?
    again lean something and thanks . again for all the feedbaack has helped me alot.
  9. it should regulate itself so if its hot, it runs faster, if its not working too hard, it slows down yes
  10. Looks like problem is fixed thanks everyone for your help running at normal fan speeds and!not to loud at all !! !
    !Thanks alot By the way how do you edit the header to (problem solved) as I have seen on some post. will look around on how
    Rick :bounce:
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