Upgrading Prebuilt Acer Aspire T180 GPU,CPU and RAM, Maybe PSU?


I have a 3 year old Acer Aspire T180 UB7Z

AM2 3600+ (2Ghz dual core)
2x1GB RAM (crucial 533mhz DDR2 CL4) + 512mb it came with (one 512mb burnt out)
160GB HDD + 320GB slave
intergrated gpu.

Basically i figure i can save money, not get a build for another year and upgrade this machine a bit so that it's faster than my Laptop (acer aspire 5738G with T6600 and HD 4570).

I looked at what's compatible through forums and google.

I found that some people put an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.4GHz (ADA4800DAA6CD) Processor which i can get for £12
Also some people put an ATI 4350 512mb and apparently the ATI 5450 1GB is also compatible.
They have a load consumption of 160W

I can get The same ram ridiculously cheap so i'm getting that anyway. I might also get a samsung F3 1TB

I was wondering if these combined will be able to run with my PSU because they both recommend a 400W.
Does this mean i have to choose one or the other?
and is it possible for me to upgrade the PSU? are there ones with the same dimensions (will have to measure if i have to go down this road)
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  1. Also can i upgrade to 64-bit windows 7 if the CPU is compatible or does the motherboard also have to be compatible?
  2. yes i think that youll be fine gl
  3. Hi thanks
    i'm now thinking of getting a more powerful card like the PowerColor HD 5570 2GB DDR3 VGA DVI HDMI Out PCI-E Graphics Card

    I was wondering if anyone knows how it will perform on this machine (running at x8)
  4. i would reccomend the ait 5670 even the 512 version can play games at high resolution with most setting maxed and even some post processing here and there.

    at about 60 dollars it is also the most powerfull card that doesent require external power so a PCU upgrade most likely wont be necisarry.
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