IS my nic Dying???

Hello everyone.

So long story short, my external 1.5tb hdd died a few days ago, i just got it back yesterday so today i start to backup all my stuff onto it.

Ive been noticing that whenever i copy super large amount of data over my network, the card starts acting up and ultimately, just gives me an error. no matter how i try to repair from within windows, nothing happens.

i have to restart machine for it to be good again. it just started this morning and although im now down copying things back to my backup drive, i had to restart about 3xs.

but so far, no problems...what do yall think, is it starting to die?

Also, my mobo is a ASUS crosshair IV formula. lets say it IS dying, would you RMA it, or just get a nic card and pci it?

thanks in advance.
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  1. Hey there, I had a similar problem, transferring large files over the network usually resulted in a BSOD. Turned out it was the NIC that was dying or almost dead.

    Sometimes re-installing the drivers may help... If that doesn't change anything then, yeah the NIC's dying...
    In that case, IMO, better RMA it.
  2. intel gigabit card!
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