LCD Monitor cause BSOD error involving nvidia driver...?

This might be a stupid question but can a monitor cause your system to BSOD. Because I think my LCD is causing my nvidia drivers to BSOD my windows 7 system.

I purchased a new motherboard, memory, and video card recently. So far the system was working fine for about a week when recently it started giving BSODing me with the nvlddmkm.sys error for my nvidia drivers. I tried to solve the problem but ended up just reformatting and doing a new installation of Windows 7 64 and even then the same BSOd would come and go. I thought it might be improper nvidia driver installation over the ones installed during setup or a defective video card. It was only after a few tries that I began to see a pattern and it involved my use of monitors. The last time I installed windows I was using an old CRT VGA monitor I have lying around that I use in my workshop when fixing things because I don't have the space at my desk where my LCD is. The system worked fine with the old CRT and then put everything back together checked it one last time then moved it back to my desk and hooked up my LCD via DVI...the BSOD came back. I have the details of the BSOD below and the minidump attached to this thread . If there is anybody who can offer me any information on how a perfectly working monitor one minute can just stop working and start causing two completely different systems to crash and BSOD the graphics driver just by plugging in the monitor using the DVI cable, and it cant' be a driver issue both XP and win7 have always detected and installed this monitor perfectly in the past. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from ViewSonic!

The Tests
Card1: EVGA GeForce GTX 260 PCIe

LCD VGA: Works!
CRT VGA: Works!

Card2: XFX GeForce 8800GT PCIe

LCD VGA: Works!
CRT VGA: Works!

is this possible?

Details of the BSOD...
Crash Time:
Bug Check Code:0x1000007e
Caused by Drive:nvlddmkm.sys
Cause by Address:nvlddmkm.sys+500ded


{MAIN SYSTEM} ASUS M4A89GTD/PRO BIOS.1703 - AMD PHENOM II 965BE C3 - CORSAIR VENGEANCE 4GB DDR3 1333 - EVGA GeForce 260 Core216 896MB PCIe 2.0 - 2x WD Raptor 74G in RAID0 - PCP&C Silencer 750watt PSU - Intel PRO1000 PCIe 1x NIC - Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS PCI - ANTEC 900 Case // {SECONDARY SYSTEM} ASUS M3N78 PRO - AMD ATHLON X2 5600 - OCZ REAPER DDR2 800 4x1GB - XFX GeForce 8800GT 512mb PCIe
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  1. Check for any bent pins in the DVI cable connector ends or even try a different DVI cable.
  2. Yeah already checked, and tried an extra one I use on my tv set ...BSOD
  3. Do you have a DVI to VGA? try hooking up the CRT to the DVI slot with the adapter. See if that causes it to BSOD. If it does then we know for sure something is wrong with that DVI slot and you probably need to RMA the card.
  4. Tried both port on two different cards and I using a CRT with Dvi adapter to surf the web as i am writing this message. I have a feeling the EDID codes in the monitor are screwed.
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