1440X900 vid card for Samsung T260HD

I recently purchased a used Samsung T260HD (25.5") 16:10 monitor to replace a 22" Viewsonic; no real reason for the change, other than I wanted a larger screen area. Anyway, the monitor is connected to an Nvidia 9800GTX+ (w/ most current drivers), housed in a PC running a Core2Duo E8400-3Ghz chipset and 3G of ram.

In playing around with screen resolutions, I have found that 1360X768 is "OK", but that 1600X900 is waaay to small for these tired old eyes. I'd like to try 1440X900, but neither the Nvidia nor Control Panel/Display will let me get there. According to Samsung, the monitor will work at the 1440 resolution. So, I am considering replacing the card. The monitor is used roughly 70% / 30% (work vs games), with the games being primarily Call of Duty FPS's.
While the monitor does include a tuner, it is used solely for computer work & games.

Thanks for whatever insights or suggestions you can offer regarding a alternate vid card.
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    Your card should both handle and support that resolution fine. Have you updated the drivers for the card.
  2. It's usally the monitor having problems displaying the resoultion not the card.

    If you are thinking of upgrading your GPU what is your budget?And what is the make/model of your PSU?
  3. he already said he updated his gpu with the most current drivers...try plugging in your old monitor to see if you can get that resolution you're looking for, if you do it's a monitor issue
  4. Are you using the DVI or VGA cable?
  5. "Are you using the DVI or VGA cable"? Great question; I apologize for not including that info' in my original post. The monitor is connected via a VGA.

    For reasons to lengthy to go into, I share the monitor, keyboard and speakers.......but not the mouse or my PC with another person via a KVM switch. The KVM switch has only a VGA connect, and I don't know if a DVI version is available. Quite possible with the slow demise of VGA vs. DVI. Come to think of it, while the other PC is a bit older and less capable than mine, I'll see if I can set the monitor to 1440 from there.

    In the interim, am I wasting my time trying to do this VGA?
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  7. Thanks to all for the input. While I still don't know why the graphics card doesn't automatically make the desired resolution available, I have found that I can enter the preferred resolution into the card as a "custom" and the monitor will display it. Thanks again for everyone's input. :wahoo:
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