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New build problem

I've currently just finished with my build, bought all new items everything is plugged in. All fans are running including the gfx card fan. problem im having is once i press the power button for the computer everything fires(fans, led lights) but the video card is not being recognized by the monitor. the monitor displays "no singal" i have the pci e from the psu plugged in anyone have any idea?

p.s. this is a new build dont even have windows installed yet.

thanks in advance.

grapics card: radeon 6850
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    Follow this guide
    If everything is as it is supposed to be then it is either lack of power or a faulty card.
  2. It should be plug and play to get your monitor to recognize the card- have you checked your motherboard's manual to ensure you don't need to use a particular slot first?

    If you have another computer you can try to insert the card into, or another card you can try on that rig, it would be very helpful to determine if it's a bad card.
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