PC Boots for a few seconds, then restarts infinitely

Hey guys,

I have just put together a new rig and it has been working fine with versions of Ubuntu and Windows 7... until yesterday. Then - seemingly without reason - whenever I tried to boot the computer it would flash the BIOS boot screen and then shut down again. Somehow after a bit of fiddeling I fixed that but now the problem is back. It will flash the BIOS screen - allow me to access the BIOS - but when it tries to launch Windows it crashes. All of my hardware is litterally new-in-box so I doubt it is faulty; here is what I have:

Intel i5-2500K
Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H (B3)
ATI Radeon 6870 1GB [HIS]
2 x Seagate 1TB Barracuda 7200RPM
4GB DDR3 1333MHz Kingston RAM
Pioneer 24x DVD-RW
Corsair TX-750
CoolerMaster V6GT (CPU Cooler)
CoolerMaster HAF-932
AOC 2236v LCD

What is going wrong?
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  1. Also, it occasionally gets past the point where it will crash and restart, but then it will simply hang on 'Loading Operating System...' so I do not know what to do.
    I have been told that it is probably my motherboard or hard drive but I do not know how to narrow it down.

    Please help me,
  2. I don't see your RAM listed there.
    Can you get into your BIOS setup options?
    Can you boot up on your Win install disk or a LiveCD?
  3. I have edited my RAM in.
    I can get into my BIOS.
    I cannot boot onto a disk.

    After inserting the Windows disk at a later stage after the computer being powered down for a while, I was still unable to boot onto the disk. However, the system booted up flawlessly. After a restart, I was then given the option to boot from the disk. I am still wondering what has happened...
    ^ 10pm


    After a restart due to internet connectivity issues, I was back to repeats of the initial saga and then a "Boot from CD/DVD" hang even when no disk was in the drive. After several restarts the computer is back up and I am making a backup of this point.
    ^ 10:30pm


  4. Is it working ok now? Are you sure you completed all the installation reboots? Windows 7 takes 3-4 reboots before it is done installing; removing the DVD before that will cause this (happened to me before).
  5. I've had this issue for two causes..

    RAM and GPU. but your RAM is matching so it shouldn't be an issue. Still, I'm going to assume you have a 2x2GB setup, if you have 4 DIMMs on the motherboard try putting the RAM DIMMs into the other set (1-2, or 3-4).

    Some motherboards support lower speeds on one Dual Channel set than the other, causing this.

    And it may also be the Southbridge.. Rare issue but happened to me. I removed ALL PCI components and my PC works fine. Which means if you don't have onboard that could be an issue.

    Other than that only issue I've ever had like this was with an old IDE HDD.. Which I assume you have SATA so shouldn't be an issue.

    Try the RAM move, let me know if it helps.

    Possibly take on DIMM out and see if one or the other is defective as well.

    -Edit: IF you can get windows to install screen again, make sure to format the Hard Drive before trying to install (which can be done DURING install process when selecting Boot disk). If any potential data corruption took place this is your best bet to bypass that as well.
  6. I had the same problem until last night.
    The video on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAq6_RT_GAA showing the malfunctioning of the motherboard.

    Well, now ask how I solve this.
    I really don't know. I've tried everything. Taking out all components, leaving just mobo and cpu connected on PSU. And still had problem. Then I've started to return memory, hdd, fans etc and it just started to work and still working.
    Gremlins or something else, I really dont know, but looking for answers on internet I found out that I'm not only one whose problems solved by itself.
  7. Sorry, I fixed it. It was a dud hard drive.
    I actually fixed this a while ago but accidentally forgot about the thread.

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