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Memory Compatibility & System upgrade

Hello Brothers,

My system Specs are:
Corei52400 Processor
P8H67-V Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 1600MHZ 2*2GB Total (4GB)

Now my issue is, I want to add more memory without replacing the old one. They are two 2GB memories occupying two memory slot Total (4GB). Now I have two slots free.
I want to add two Corsair XMS3 4GB 1600MHZ rams i.e 4*4 Total (8GB). Now it will be (2*2*4*4), Total (12GB). Will it make any kind of matching issue? and what about the computer performance will i get any improvement after upgrading to Total 12GB of ram?
I am also going to add one SATA-3 6GB/S SSD (Kingston Hyper-X 120GB) and one ATI 7950 soon.
What are your suggestions? Please briefly answer me and guide me to spend my money smartly and get good performance.
Note: No plans to change processor and mobo for atleast two years. I will wait for Intel's Haswell Processors.
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    Yes you can add more RAM but they have to be 2-4-2-4 to run corect in dual channel mode. If you use your PC for gaming you will not have to much improvement in gaming. I think another 4GB ( 2x2GB ) will be enough. Try to buy the same RAM like yours. The SSD is an improvement. And that 7950 is a great video card.
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