Call of Duty: Black Ops Stuttering / Lag Spikes / Frame Drops

I've uploaded a video that shows the type of stuttering/lag spike/frame drops that I have been dealing with since the release of the 12/14 patch. Before the 12/14 patch, I was able to run Extra texture detail, 16xAA @ 120+ FPS. The stuttering only happens when I set Texture Detail to 'Extra'. When I set Texture Detail to 'High' with 8xAA I get no frame drops. I've also noticed since the 12/14 patch, that the map does not 'fully load'. Little things like, trees, rocks, parts of buildings and additional background/foreground (essentialy props) to the map, only appear when I come within a certain distance. I also have noticed, when these 'props' appear on the map it causes a lag spike -- i.e stutter. Not to mention, my variances in frames ranges from 10-250 FPS (with Extra detail).

By uploading this video, I am hoping somebody can help me make sense out of what the lag-o-meter is reporting here and hopefully this will shed some insight to other people experiencing the same issue.

Zombies SP/MP, Single Player/Campaign and Combat Training all play perfectly with 0 lag/stutter with Extra detail, 8xAA. Only MP has this stuttering issue.

PC Specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 @ 3.64ghz
6gb G.Skill ddr3 @ 1748
2 Sapphire 4850's in CrossfireX
300gb WD Raptor
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  1. maybe it's latency causing the stutter? sometimes extremely high latency will cause unusual extended periods of pausing that show a similar effect to graphic stuttering
  2. Thats the thing. #1 it worked PERFECTLY FINE until the 12/14 patch. #2 my ping, in game, is 10-60ms. My internet connection is very strong @ 65mb/s down 15mb/s up.
  3. i have the same exact issue. multiplayer was running smooth until they patched it. now my only problem is the stuttering thing. like.. every 3 to 5 seconds like clockwork my game freezes up for a split second. and ive tried everything to fix it.
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