How to test a used graphics card

I bought a used 4870x2 off ebay today and i would like to know what i can do to test it to make sure that there are no issues with it. i have a 7 day return window so please let me know
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  1. Play some games on it, try a few different ones, try one that isnt too graphically intense, and a few that when you max them out they will stress the card hard, that will help you find out if its artifacting pretty quickly.
  2. use can you run it for game test
  3. Use that, set to stress test, run it about an hour, if you want to be VERY VERY safe, do 2 hours. That much stress on a card for a long period of time is not good. After that, run a few graphics intensive games. If you have no crashes or bad signals, you are fine. Hope I helped. ;)
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