Intermittent Video Display Problem

Hey all,

So my computer was having the 2 short, 1 long beep issue (Video problem) so I decided to buy a new graphics card (5770) and PSU (OCZ modstream 500w) to hopefully fix the problem.

Now my computer "sorta" works.

My computer will sometimes boot. It will either:

1) Be fine, run perfectly. Run videogames with no graphics problems etc.


2) The two short, one long beep problem over and over again (No display) :cry:

The weirdest part is if it runs fine (1) and then I shut down or restart it will ALWAYS beep (2). I have to wait like an hour in order to power on again to boot correctly.

What is going on?!

I have tried to reseat the card etc. Nothing works so far.

Thanks ALL! :cry:
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  1. Temps? You monitoring them at all?
  2. Yeah I do monitor them. Usually around 50C for both CPU and GPU.
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