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My brother has a super expensive home theater system and he wants me to build a HTPC that is "equal in quality" for it. He wants it to be super quiet, support 3D, can last him many years without having to upgrade, fast to boot (SSD), compliment his home theater system well, and have two blu-ray drives (one that is read only, another that reads and writes).

My first thought was to use the i5-2500k since it has integrated graphics that supports bit-streaming and 3D (and is also more future-proof). For quietness, i chose a fanless (and modular) power supply and a green HD for storage.

The build that I have so far is this:
CPU: i5-2500k
CPU cooler: NH-C14
Mobo: Biostar H61MH
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 2x2GB
PSU: SeaSonic X Series 400W
Boot Drive: OCZ Agility 2 40GB
Storage Drive: WD Caviar Green 5400RPM 1T
Case: Lian Li PC-C33
Case Accessory: 5.25 bezel C-02B
Blu-ray Burner
Blu-ray Reader

I picked the Lian Li case because its design and aluminum body matches all his other equipment (also
since it is a Lian Li case i can use their universal bay covers and hid the ugly drives). Can anyone suggest other horizontal cases that has 2 bay drives (covered) and a similar black body?

I know this is all overkill, so if anyone can suggest any other build that still meet his requirements that would be great.

Also, since his sound system alone costs more than my mom's Prius, would I need a dedicated sound card or would the on-board be okay?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Quick question-

    Why a BD reader and a BD writer?

    It would make your case selection much easier if you only need 1 optical drive.

    Also, if your brother is an audiophile, maybe he should consider this to clean up the sound:
  2. Well he likes to multitask (watch with one while burning with another). Also it'll replace his blu-ray player (which broke) so he wants one that he can use often and is cheap/more-replaceable.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have to ask him what equipment he already has. probably already has a preamplifier but might need a DAC.
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