New graphics card to replace my apparently dead nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB


Looking for input on replacing this card. I get an error code 43 stating that windows has stopped the device. I've had it since summer 2007 so I figure that its just out of life.
I have a 22" monitor, native resolution of 1680 x 1050. Thermaltake tough power 650W power source, Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHZ processor - all about the same age. More recently, I had to replace the motherboard and have a Gigabyte P43 -ES3G motherboard that is about 6 months old. Currently running windows 7 64bit.

My son and I play world of warcraft and that is really the only game that we play. I haven't been able to run it at the max settings as they have improved their graphics in game, but still the 8800 worked alright. However now that its done, i want to get a new card that will perform well, and that should play most of what ever we decide to play in the future. I was looking to spend about 100 to 125 range on this. I only run the one monitor. Hopefully I can get something that will be good, not great and last a couple years at least.

Any suggestions would be most helpful. I do not know whats going on the GPU arena. I have no idea of who's got the latest / best stuff. I have always bought nvidia in the past but have heard people saying ATI is currently superior.

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  1. EDITS: My price range could be after rebates, I have 4 GB of ram, buts its DDR2. The monitor an LG Flatron.
  2. The 5770 would be your best bet.Best bang for your buck in my opinion.
    5770 $150=$130 after MIR + Free Shipping.

    Their are cheaper models but this version has a Double Lifetime Warranty if ever you needed to replace it.Currently it should max out WoW.The only problem you will see is the lack of speed from your prossesor.If you know how to O.C. i suggest trying that out.

    On the cheaper side you could also go with a 5670.It is a step down from the 5770 but for the money,performance is still good.
    5670 $100=$70 after MIR +Free Shipping

    Both graphics card have DX11 and should have no problem running current games on high settings.I'm more of an ATI fan so i can only reccomend ATI cards, sorry i cannot reccomend and Nvidia cards.I would guess that the GTS450 would be right around the same performance as the 5770.

    I would say the 5770 is more future proof than the 5670.Also getting 1G is better if you intend to get a 1080p monitor in the future.
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