6gb ram memory compatible with AMD X4 955 Black Edition?

I am going to purchase a gaming rig build, but want to have more than 4gb ram so I can play Battlefield 3 on high settings. What ram (memory) is compatible with AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition CPU? The rest of my, future, build is on this website:
http://gamingrig.blogspot.com/ <-- scroll to $600 gaming rig section.

Oh and I am on a $600 budget, but am willing to push it up a little for increased RAM.
Thanks for helping :D
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  1. I cant find a better ram(memory) card than the 'PNY Optima MD4096KD3-1333 4GB Dual Channel Kit DDR3 1333 MHz PC3-10666 Desktop DIMM Memory Kit'. This card only has 4gb i need 6gb or more. Preferably 6gb.
  2. 6 GB kits are meant for computers that can take advantage of Triple Channel Memory. AFAIK, the only platform that supports this is the LGA 1366 from Intel, no current AMD motherboards support Triple Channel.

    That said, likely any board you get to go with the 955BE will have support for Dual Channel. Dual Channel memory needs one or two sets of matched DIMMs (memory modules). For DDR3, the only ones worth looking at are 2x2GB and 2x4GB sets. The PNY set you mentioned is a 2x2GB set, for a total of 4GB.

    If you want more than 4GB, you either need to choose a 2x4GB set, like this one from Corsair:

    Or add another set of 2x2GB. You theoretically can add in a set of 2x1GB, but it will likely be more difficult to set up and run properly due to slightly different timings.

    Currently, the 'Sweet Spot' seems to be around 8GB for future performance, but I doubt a dual-channel kit you get now will work well with Bulldozer, since it is supposed to use triple-channel RAM as well.

    I'd either go with one 2x4GB kit, two identical 2x2GB kits, or a single 4x2GB kit. The only issue with a 4x2GB kit is if you need to RMA one to three DIMMs, they may ask for all four back, killing your machine for a while. This would likely be the similar case with a 2x4GB kit, and I doubt that a rig you build now will ever need more than 8GB before you build a new kit.

    End result - Recommend 2 2x2GB kits, like this one from Corsair


    Cheaper, and the same speed as the PNY, although the timings may be slightly different, and the Corsair's reviews are much better.

    EDIT: Wrong RAM kit

    Looking at the build:

    I think you'll probably be bottlenecked by a 550ti before you'll need more than 4GB of RAM.

    If this is meant to be a gaming rig, you don't need a lightscribe drive. Save yourself $5 and just get a standard burner.
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