New build need experts advice xD

Ok i know it's kinda weird that i'm asking for help but every one needs help xD
so let me fill out the form.

Approximate Purchase Date:this week or the following one.

Budget Range:0-6000 LE

System Usage from Most to Least Important: GAMING(Call of duty series, Crysis series, Assassin's creed etc..) some photoshop and some video editing.

Parts Not Required: Monitor win7 speakers mouse keyboard.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: Alexandria, Egypt

Parts Preferences: Top notch quality parts (Asus, gigabyte etc...)

Overclocking: Maybe (But not sure since in summer the temperature rises to 37 degrees celcius)

SLI or Crossfire: No

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Quiet and good cooling, the case must have dust filters on every intake spot.

Parts i have selected:

Cpu: (Can't get a sandy bridge since there are no B3 stepping mobo's available)

Gpu: (I'm sure this thing has enough juice)

Ram: (Good enough?)

Mobo: (Cheap and High quality)

Case: (need suggestions)

Psu: (I heard this is made by seasonic)

Hdd: (Old but, is it fast?)



Subtotal: 5660 L.E

Please leave your suggestions below, thanks in advance =)
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    Hello mrhoshos96;

    Always good to have a 2nd set of eyeballs looking things over.

    CPU/CPU cooler/MB/RAM: all very good choices. Can you find the P7P55D-E (not LX) version of that board? 2nd x16 PCI-e option there (x16/x4).
    I couldn't figure out the exact model of that Geil Black Dragon RAM but I did find a review of a 8GB Cas7 kit and a 4GB kit that give me confidence your pick is a good one.

    HDD/ODD: also very good choices.

    GPU: HardOCP liked it a lot.

    Case & PSU: again, very good choices.
    There are no dust filters on the side panel mesh or the empty fan position at the top of the case. You can probably 'field mod' to fix that.

    It's a really well balanced system with top quality parts. -> But then you already knew that.
  2. Thank you WR2 i always liked your advice =)
    I'll try to contact the shop to ask them about the mobo and again thank you xD
  3. Your welcome.
    I won't hesitate to ask you to check my next build for me.
  4. WR2 said:
    Your welcome.
    I won't hesitate to ask you to check my next build for me.

    Hehehe :D
  5. Best answer selected by mrhoshos96.
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