Using on-board graphics + PCIE together...disadvantage?


I bought a new PC today - dell xps 8300. Intel i7-2600, 3.4ghz, 8mb ddr 3, 1 tb hdd.

It has a PCI E video card - ATI HD 5770.

I am running 3 monitors: 2 dvi from 5770, 1 vga from mother-board VGA port.
(note: I tried hooking up ALL 3 to HD 5770...but it doesn't work with a passive DP-> DVI dongle...and I don't want to spend $100 on active DP converter)

Is there any drawbacks for me using the on-board graphics to run the 3rd monitor ? Will my PC be a bit slower ?

Or no difference?

The 3rd monitor hooked up to the motherboard on-board video card is used for web surfing and streaming netflix /watching dvd etc... while I am working on the other 2 monitors hooked up to the HD 5770.

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  1. If it works for you there is no drawbacks.
  2. Does the mobo support hybrid?Are they working together or sepretly?
  3. purple stank said:
    Does the mobo support hybrid?Are they working together or sepretly?

    The mother board card is "INTEL HD GRAPHICS FAMILY " - It doesn't even list a model number or anything under device mgr.
    - It is NOT an ATI or NVIDIA chip. It's just a generic intel built in video i suppose.

    The PC is brand new XPS 8300 - with i7-2600 the mobo video is probably decent, but no where near any PCIE card probably.
  4. You must be looking in the wrong place,mostly all units are "INTEL HD GRAPHICS FAMILY ".
    Have you used dxdiag?
    Try downloading and using CPUID CPU-Z.It should tell you everything you need to know.
  5. Here is a link for the active DP to DVI that I use for my 5770.
    In answer to your question, yes you can use on-board and discreet graphics simultaneously. You can even use 3 displays off of the 5770 and another 2 off of your on-board.
    But, with this dongle, you can set up Eyefinity, use 3 displays in extended view, duplicate view, whatever. Display settings in CCC are easy to work with.
    Also, for those with mini-DP's on their GPU:
    I should add that a passive DP to VGA would also work. But your card should have included a DVI to VGA adapter that can be used off of one of the cards DVI ports (not the adapter) and the dongle to one of your DVI displays.
  6. Shouldn't be any drawbacks. I'm doing something similar with a ati 4870 and an onboard ati 4290.

    Playing HD movies when they're GPU accelerated was a bit choppy when I ran it on the monitor that was hooked to the 4290 (actually it was on a TV at the time). But to fix that I just ended up switching from Media Player Classic Home Theatre to VLC, since VLC seems to load my CPU more and GPU less.

    But as long your movies/shows stream smoothly and your windows drag around nicely there's no harm in doing it.

    I personally don't even notice anymore which monitor is hooked up to which.
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