EAH5850 cannot get 3 monitors to work


I am running an ASUS EAH5850 Direct CU on WIndows XP SP3. I have a Benq FP222W and 2 Benq G2222HDH monitors.

Monitors are connected via HDMI, DVI and Saphhire Active DSP to VGA. I can get a combination of any of the 2 monitors to work, but not all three.

Catalyst Control Centre sees that there are 3 monitors but the 3rd one appears in the "Attached Displays currently disabled" box and cannot be enabled.

Any Ideas ?
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  1. Have you tried "right-clicking" on the disabled display in CCC to bring up more options?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have done that and no luck.

    In the mean time I have installed Windows 7 and all 3 monitors work on that.

    Maybe it is a Windows XP thing ?
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