Building a 1U server with an i7-2600K

I'm looking to build a couple of 1U servers with Intel's i7-2600K processor. I checked out the SuperServers from SuperMicro but none of them support this chip. The highest they go with the 1155 socket is 2nd Gen. i3 processors.

Does anyone know of a company that sells a barebone 1u system that I can use these processors in?

If not, can anyone suggest a compatible1u chasis / mobo / heatsink combination? I would like a mobo with IPMI support or an IPMI on board. Other than the IPMI, I don't need anything fancy. HDDs can be mounted inside, no external cd/dvd needed either.

I've never built a 1U system from scratch. I've always used barebones servers and added cpu/hdd/memory. I'm worried I'll order the wrong things.
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  1. Why use an i7-2600K instead of an E3-1270? Usually servers can't be overclocked and, unlike the i7-2600K, the E3-1270 supports ECC memory, Vt-x, Vt-d, etc. Then you could buy a 1U server like
  2. Thanks for the input! The 1270 looks like the equivalent of the 2600k and is priced about the same too!

    Found these comparisons:

    You just saved me a huge headache :)
  3. It actually is an equivalent of the i7-2600, but with additional features that most people would want for a real server.
  4. The Supermicro C7P67 MoBo works with an i7-2600k (or any other i3, i5, or i7 desktop processor). The MoBo fits in any 1155 socket-compatible chassis. We use a Supermicro 732D4-500B chassis. We run SBS 2011 Standard on the Server. The server perform very well w/o overclocking, but can be overclocked w/o a problem, whatsoever, to up to 4.2. GHz.
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