Will the hd 5770 support two crt monitors on eyefinity?

im building a new rig. i have 2 1024x768 crt moniters which im plannig to sell. till i sell them and buy a new moniter will the hd 5770 support the 2 moniters? can i play modern games on these 2 moniters?
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  1. You can use both CRT's in extended mode with that card, but not for gaming.
    What you could do is game on one and have another window open in the other.
    This could be helpful if you have a new game and want to view the control keys or instructions on the second monitor.
  2. why cant i use it in gaming? i thought that the hd 5770 can handle gaming on that resolution!
  3. The 5770 is a great mid range video card. It's newer, and has all the latest techs like Direct X11 and etc. It would run well with 2 monitors if you were to example play a game on one, and watch a movie on another. Look at the benchmarks yourself :P
  4. iv seen the benchmarks. thanx. so i'll buy a new lcd with a goodresolution in the near future thanx!
  5. The major issue with gaming on two monitors is that the "split" between the two, plus the width of the screen housing will be right in the middle. Best to go with one or three. Good choice on the 5770. I have one with a 23.5" HD at 1080p and it plays demanding graphics at high settings with no issues.
    Don't forget to download the latest driver from AMD.com.
  6. ok thanx bro!
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