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So, I had a post about "ripples" in black ops. I has helped a lot, but the problem is not quite gone. Even in BFBC2 I see some now, I did not before. When I played CODBL It had some tearing so I has advised to turn on V-sync, and when I play, there is barely ever any more. I found some here and there, anlong with some of what looked like signal errors. I played BFBC2 to confirm that my GPU was in perfect working condition. While playing the level "Cold War" when I shot my assault rifle (X8 or something like that) it had a blue-ish white-ish flash in the upper right hand corner. I had completely maxed the game out besides I am playing on 1280x1024 on my hd6850 with 60 herts. I should not have gotten any tearing at all because my card is not so strong that it would load frames so quickly that it could not keep up. I found one tearing, (not a big deal) and that annoying blue-ish white-ish flash. I am indeed now expert, so my concern is that with signal error looking things, the weird flash, and the tearing once and a while when it shouldn't is this a problem? I have looked in the device manager and it says "this device is working properly". With all of the provided information, do you think that my card has a defect?

P.S. When on youtube I scrolled down the screen while watching a video and it cut the video in half and made it look like two with half pictures.
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  1. Discard the annoying flash actually, I watched a video and it had it too. BTW CODBL almost never does it, there are actually more signal error looking thingies than tearing.
  2. I think I see the problem, but I still need help. When I run by a something that has vertical lines, like a fence, I see the screen refresh itself. I had my refresh rate set to 75, so it should refresh 75 a second. Why can I see it refresh? How do I fix this? It is quite annoying. Also, when I ran by a fence to see if that was the problem, the fence looked kind like it was in segments, and one segment (segments for the crack in the fence) would be a gray-ish black-ish, while the next segment would have its full black, etc. After the refresh was done it would go back to normal. How can I fish this? Is it normal?
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