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can anyone tell me the name of a vidio/graphic card with dual lookups
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  1. Almost every card made right now had dual outputs, are you looking for any 2 types of connectors specifically? You'd have to find a really old and cheap video card not to have 2 outputs.

    Your main focus needs to be:
    What type of video slot do you have in the computer.
    What's your budget
    What do you want to use the video card for.
    Will your current power supply be enough to power the card.

    Once you can answer those 4, the type of card you want will be easy to pick.
  2. ardclinis said:
    can anyone tell me the name of a vidio/graphic card with dual lookups

    Sorry for not giving enough info I have a gforce 8500 at this time and I require a card which has dual luks for use with cs4 and spyder studio.
    data colour has sent me a majenta test to find out if the card I have supports dual luks and it does not
    the card I need must have dual luks as I am using two calaberated monitors (I need both to show the same colours) and wish to edit photos on each of them but the colours must be the same.
    Having twin outlets for two moitors is not enough the card must have dual lookup to support the calaberated monitors this seems to be a problem as no information is given on card spec my pc was origanally an acer m8 it now has a quad core mb and w7 with 4gig mem
    thank you in advance
  3. I have personally never heard of the feature you described. Where did you learn about it? Perhaps they have some links to more information that might lead you to a vendor or model list.
  4. OK, you are looking for a card that has Dual Link DVI outputs. For pro work you want something like a nVidia Quadro model. Looks like nvidia setup a new tool to help people pick a card One of the options in there is a Dual Link DVI, select that in your options.

    I think you are just misnaming the feature you need.
    Perhaps if someone new how to contact the manufactor of these cards I could contact them
  6. I have worked with high end video cards for a while, never heard of "dual lookups". Maybe dual hookups, dual link, dual connectors, never heard of dual lookups. If you have emails from these people, post a part of it here word for word. If you have nothing in writting, ask them to send you something or post a link to a web page explaing what you need.
    For this calibration, I take it you are using an external device like ones from here
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