IBM Thinkcenter Max CPU for a 41d2460 Mobo

I'm having trouble finding the max speed CPU supported for an old IBM Thinkcenter model MT-M 8212-1QU, Motherboard P/N 41D2460. The CPU presently installed is a Pentium 4, 630 SL7Z9, 3.00GHZ/2M/800/04A. The PC uses DDR2 memory. I'd like to know what is the fastest CPU I can use and if the mobo will support 2 or 4 core CPU's. I've been to the IBM web site but it is of little help. They do not even list the motherboard. It was suggested that Pentium-D's may be compatible. I'm not exactly sure what kind of CPU a Pentium-D is. I'm not familiar with the Intel CPU product line as I've always used AMD.

Model - IBM Thinkcenter MT-M 8212-1QU
CPU - Pentium 4, 630 SL7Z9, 3.00GHZ/2M/800/04A
Bios - 04/04/2006 (2EKT36AUS)
MoBo - 41D2460
Ram - DDR2 667, 3 x 1gb
Chipset - i945P/PL/G/GZ Rev. A2
Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit.
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  1. You see the problem with upgrading some oem systems. If you have a complete windows copy (not tied to the original motherboard bios string) or have upgraded to windows 7, I would change the motherboard to a G31 chipset board; newegg has some open box with no accessories for around $35 shipped ocassionally. You can sometimes match the backplate to the motherboard ports, or simply purchase a new board for around $50 which comes with everything. Be sure the backplate on your case is removable.
  2. I forgot to mention that I did upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit from Win XP. I have to admit that the OS upgrade was not a smart move on my part. Win XP ran much better, It seems like it just had more punch. I'm just looking for a quick and cheap upgrade to this PC, to get this PC to run a little smoother then it is now. I figure a second core should do what I need. I don't have the restore disks anymore to reinstall Win XP. I'm just looking to find out if this mobo will support a Pentium D 805, 820, 830 or 840 CPU. I know that these CPU's work with the 945 chipset, but will it work with the 945 on my board?

    I would also consider overclocking to get a bit more punch if I can figure out how to do it on this board.
  3. Hard to say. Check starmicro for the 805 or 820 dual core cpu; I doubt your board will run with core2duo; that's why I recommended the board change.
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