Low fan RPM, ASUS P6T and cooler master V8

I started up my PC this afternoon and got a warning message from the BIOS about a fan error. With SpeedFan it looks like the CPU fan is only running at 700 RPM, occasionally dropping to the 400's. Even under load the fan never goes any faster. ASUS Q-fan is disabled so I'm assuming it should always be running at max.

The fan looks and sounds like it's rattling around. Is that a sign it's time for a new one? It's about 2 years old.
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    Yup that sounds like the bearing in the fan is about to 'go'. replace it as soon as you can.
  2. Yep, it got lower and lower till it dropped to and stayed at zero. Replaced the fan and everything is nice and cool again.
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  4. Nice to hear another system saved :-)
  5. i dont know how old this is but iv fix maybe 6 or 7 fans that are doing that over time the fan inside gets dry and it just slows it down till it wont move anymore if u take the fan off you will find a round peace inside it prob still in the bolt hole if you take that out and add a little motor oil and put it back in like it was it will fix this dont add too much dont want it everywhere and no even if a drop gets on your mother bored somehow it will not hurt it this is not for beginner
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