Upgrade from 7600gt?

I'm looking for a Graphic card to replace my old 7600GT. Any ideas? My PSU is only 350W.
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  1. if it is pci-e then ati hd 4650,4670,5670,5750,5770
    if it is agp then ati hd 4650
    i am picking Ati since power usage is low vs performance
    also depends on quality of PSU.
    if it is good name brand (Seasonic,Corsair,Antec etc) then running a card
    rated a little higher (400w) should be fine if you dont have multiple HDs,optical,pci cards etc
    this is a link to PSU calculator:
    since it is a 7600gt it probably uses 4 pin molex for additional power (I have a 7600gs and it does)
    you would have to check your power supply to see what connectors you have or dont have for external power to card.
    a 7600gt draws around 50-60 watts if I remember right.
    I would look for cards do not need external power connection (4650,5670?)
    posting make and model of PSU would help also AGP or PCI-E
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