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I am using the amd phenom ii x4 965 and I have noticed something very off... At idle I am running at 50c and under medium to heavy load I am hitting 70c+ I know this is not good but how bad is it? I have been trying to figure out why my fps has been dropping during gaming and was wondering if this could cause it? I have also checked to see if my fan is working lol which it is... Any suggestions or tips to get the temp down would be greatly appreciated. I am using the stock fan it came with.
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  1. That's probably why it's slowing down; the processor is throttling its speed so it doesn't damage itself. 70 is too high.
    What are your idle temperatures and other specs (case and GPU especially)?
    Is the case dusty? Blow it out if it is.
    Has it always been this way?
    A $25 heatsink would probably solve the problem. I use a Xigmatek SD963, and the Hyper 212+ is popular too.
  2. Case is spotless inside and its a brand new case, I am using a NZXT Phantom and no this just started happening today that I noticed the issues while gaming so I did a bit of digging to find what could be the issue and found my cpu was running way to hot. GPU is a GeForce 250 GTS and its temps are in the normal both idle and gaming. If you need any other information I am more then happy to provide it... Also I have noticed other threads where people have said they are using the stock fan that came with it and are having much lower idle and load temps then what I am getting which is throwing me off a bit.
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