Nehalem bottlenecks GPU?

I read on another forum about how the Core i7 (Nehalem) still bottlenecks 3-4 way SLI/CFX enthusiast cards from ATI and Nvidia, even after it has been overclocked past 4.0 GHz. The only way to completely remove the bottleneck is to OC to hell and back. And I'm talking about 6-7 GHz!!!

The next-gen GPU's from ATI and Nvidia are going to push even more 1's and 0's through your CPU, and will require faster and more powerful processors to handle the astronomical throughput.

My Core i7 930 is running at it's stock 2.8 GHz because the arrow keys don't work in my BIOS, so I can't select any of the options to overclock anything.

Do you think my Core i7 930 bottlenecks my two HD 5870's in CF? If, so how badly?
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  1. Two HD5870s? No. overclock would help a bit but not enough to justify it.

    As for Nehalem bottlenecking 3/4 way SLI/CF, I can't say that for sure. As great as Sandy Bridge is, its only got half the PCIe 2.0 lanes of Nehalem (would run either 3 x8 or 2 x8 while X58 runs dual x16 or x16/x16/x8) and not nearly the thouroghput of Nehalem (DMI vs QPI, dual channel RAM vas triple channle RAM).

    But in all honesty, current GPUs are well more than powerful enough to handle most games since consoles come to mind first with the game devs, even Crysis 2 will run maxed out on a old Core 2 Quad and HD4870 (I know, I did it). CF/SLI are only useful if you plan to make use of Eyefinity or more than one monitor and very high res setups.

    If you plan to use CF HD5870s at 1920x1080 or less, then the GPUs wil be bottlenecked but not because of the CPU but because of the resolution.
  2. The bottleneck is in the board's chipset not the cpu. Try putting fans over the board's chipset. Something like a 8cm case fan over it using some small tie wraps.

    Overvolt and overclock the chipset that does the pcie bus. It should help out. Look for any settings that let you increase the pcie bus speed.

    The chipset speed goes up with the cpu fsb, try a ps2 plug in keyboard if the board has a ps2 plug or a plug in usb keyboard, some board's go buggy in the bios when using a wireless keyboard i found.
    Maybe its not the arrow keys but some other keys, there has to be a way to increase the fsb a bit and change voltages.

    -Usually only oem boards from package systems have the fsb and voltage settings locked out.
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