8800gt on a 300wat

can a 8800gt work on a gateway gt5414e 22v rail 300watt PSU i have seen benchmarks that on full load it takes up with the system only 250 watts but i need to be sure
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  1. It will probably work although the 8800GT required a 26amp +12 volt rail. You would be better of with energy efficient (green edition) 9800GT or a HD5670. First thing you would notice is instability if the PSU cant handle it.
  2. o sy guys miss information it has 24 v rails not 22 lol and i thought the 8800gt only needs ? 24?
  3. and the power supply has a 6 pin connector for it
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    The most powerful card that might work with that PSU is the HD 5750, but just to be on the safe side, get a HD 5670, whose performance is not far behind the 8800 GT.
  5. ok thx guys
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