Amd Phenom ii x4 965 Voltage Problems

After researching some issues of why my cpu has been running hot I have found out that my vcor is at 1.4750 which is way to high since I am not overclocking... I havnt even messed with any of the bios settings for that let alone tried to overclock anything. The issue im running into is how in the heck do I set the vcore down to 1.4 in my bios? I can see what the vcore voltage is at in hardware monitor in the bios but I cant find where to change it at though. I have a Asus M4N68T-M mobo any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!
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  1. Normally shouldn't need to change any auto settings, but voltages for cpu normally found under AI Tweaker menu option in BIOS. Have you checked for a later BIOS version, it could be an issue with your version detecting cpu and using the wrong voltages.
  2. Agreed. I'd check for a BIOS update for the motherboard. If it's up to date, try entering the BIOS and loading the default or fail-safe settings and restarting. Re-enter the BIOS afterward and check all settings, making to sure to adjust other system settings accordingly (boot order, hard disk IDE/RAID/AHCI mode, memory timings, etc.).

    ASUS's website lists version 1004 as the latest BIOS. It includes an updated AGESA version, which is what identifies and sets parameters for CPUs. The only other version they list that contains an AGESA/CPU update is version 804, so if you're running something earlier than 804, it's likely unable to properly ID and setup that CPU.
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