Onboard sound card problem or.....?

Hi guys

The last time I asked for you all opinion about the problem I faced:

CPU usage too high and spike, not in regular form. Some of you suggested that my computer had malwares infection. Later, I did a clean installation and the problem still coming back.

The most obvious problem is with the sound cracking or delaying in playback song or movies. I need to restart the computer but then the same problem comes back few hours later. I wonder is my sound card failure or the processor's problem?

My computer spec:

4 GB DDR2 800 MHz
EAH 4670 512 MB
Cooler Master 460w True Power

Hope you guys can help me in this!
Thank you so much!
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  1. On older computers onboard sound won't keep up with todays audio especially
    during video playback.
    It's a combination of slow cpu ,terrible onboard sound and codecs

    buy a 35$ sound card or better yet buy a new system
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