What video card do I want to buy? HELP PLEASE!!!

I have a Gateway 5654 model pc. :sweat: I use my pc as my main source of TV. I stream movies and all shows all day long. I have a Samsung 52" LCD and would like it to look its best. :D I dont mind spending $250 on a card and powersource. I was looking at the HD 5770 and I know it is more then I need but the deal is great and it wont be so out of date in a couple years :pt1cable: I think :pt1cable: Please tell me what you suggest I do with my pc and remember. I would rather over do it it. Then under :hello:
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More about what video card please
  1. Do you play games at all or just steam video? 5770 would probably be overkill if you aren't gaming at all, but it's a good card for the money. If you are going to be playing games you might think about a GTX 460 or an HD 6850 since they are still in your price range. If you have no plans to game then you could get a 5670 and probably run it off your stock power supply and save alot of money.

    Here's a good power supply:

    And a good 5770:
  2. What resolution do you use on the Samsung 52" LCD?
    What is the make and model of your current PSU?

    IF you need to upgrade your PSU, the one recommend by benski is a good choice.
    IF your Samsung resolution is 2560x1600 or less, then I recommend going with the GTS 450 - like this one for only $90 after rebate:

    The 5770 is a little faster and if the price is better or not to much more it would be a good choice too. However if you use Adobe Photoshop or do much video editing or encoding, you might take a look at the nVidia advantages of CUDA and Physx.,2770-8.html,2840-5.html

    You might also want to look at the non-gaming page at that has additional info and links to other articles about HTPC that you might find informative.
  3. I do not play any games with my pc. (use PS3). All I want out of my PC is to have the best picture I can get. My Samsung is under 2 years old and is the top of the line. I just dont understand what Video card to use if I dont game but want to take advantage of the USB and the great picture.
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    Any newish card with an HDMI output should suffice then, you're not going to get a better picture watching movies by spending alot of money on a high end card and replacing your power supply. I would recommend getting something cheap like this that will work on your existing power supply:

    There's really no good reason to get anything more powerful if you aren't running anything that renders in 3D.
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  6. Oh I forgot with so many aftermarket products that sell these are there any companies I want to stay away from and whcih ones are worth the money?
  7. See the list of recommended video card brands at:

    EVGA and XFX seem to be the most highly recommended, but the others on that list are good too.
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