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I am bulding a new pc for gaming. My choice is i7 960 3.2ghz , Amd radeon 6850HD. ram-4GB. will it cover atleast next 5 years of extreme gaming or i should go for Amd phenom 2 x6 1075 t. My budget is 1000$. Help me !!
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  1. Get the i-5 2500K and a P67 or Z68 1155 socket mobo. What country? Do you need the monitor and the OS?
  2. I agree with the above cpu/mobo suggestions. What monitor are you going to be gaming on? The reason I say that is, the 6850 is a good card but far from extreme. If your going to be using a full hi-def monitor and plan to play new up coming games like BF3, consider going with something with more power. The 6950(that can sometimes be flashed to a 6970) and the GTX 560ti would be the minimum for extreme gaming IMO.
  3. Im looking at a new build to pal, not sure if my E8500 @3.16 will still cut it or not.

    All the research I've have done points to the i5 2500k for the price the performance and ocing options put it well in the lead.
  4. Thumbs up for the 2500k as well, or wait to see what the upcoming AMD chips have to offer for the money. Might at least send some prices down. I think Bulldozer is going to be released in a month or two but don't hold me to that:)
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